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Supernatural Caps

Hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!

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Welcome and Rules

Welcome to Supernatural Caps! A community to post and share screencaps from the show. You're also welcome to post caps from the actors other roles on TV and movies.

Caps made so far can be found in the Memories & Tags section of the community.

Please read the following before you join/post:

1) Post or request caps from the show itself or anything related to its actors. Everything Supernatural related goes.
2) Please cut all potential spoilers and all pictures that are wider than 500px.
3) Please try and include the epsode title and season in the subject and tags.
4) When requesting caps, please refrain from saying "tonight's episode", as we're from all over the world and might not know which one you mean.
5) Absolutely no bashing of ships or characters. That will get you a warning, if it continues then you will be banned.
6) No community promotion, unless it's in some way Supernatural related.
7) No icons, graphics or wallpapers. This is a caps only community.
8) Please respect the screen cap maker's requests and rules for their caps.

Thanks! These guidelines just help the community run smoother and make it a fun place.
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